Suzuki signs fuel-cell development deal

  • Joint venture with tech firm
  • Designed to accelerate fuel-cell tech
  • and to help reduce production costs
Words By What Car? Staff

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An article image
An article image

Suzuki has signed a deal with a 'clean power' technology company to help develop zero-emission fuel-cell vehicles.

The joint venture between Suzuki and UK-based Intelligent Energy (IE) is called SMILE FC System Corporation. Under it, Suzuki will get access to IE's fuel-cell technology, which will be integrated into its next generation of alternatively fuelled cars.

Suzuki and IE have been working together since 2006, but the latest joint venture is designed to speed up the development and commercialisation of fuel-cell technology.

Osamu Honda, executive vice-president and representative director for Suzuki, said: 'I believe that we can accelerate the commercialisation of fuel-cell vehicles through this joint venture with Intelligent Energy.'

Pete Barden