Telematics could cut fleet bills by 10%

* GPS systems data can help fleets * Information from systems aids efficiently * Helps crash-risk drivers to change behaviour...

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What Car? Staff
16 November 2010

The use of telematics could cut companies' fleet running costs by 10%, according to a new report by Zurich Financial Services Group.

The report Insights: Telematics and Fleet Risk Management examines how a combination of technology and driver-development programmes can help to improve fleets safety, reduce their effect on the environment and cut their running costs.

It says that telematics systems on a car which integrate GPS sensors with wireless communications can give companies vital information on the location, behaviour and performance of their drivers.

This allows the companies to find ways to reduce the collision risk for its drivers, as well as improving their productivity. As a result, claims Zurich, companies could save up to 11% on fuel bills and 10% on operational costs.

Going further, the report shows how companies can target the most 'at risk' drivers and reduce the risks they face through careful management.

Robert Gremli, chief risk engineering office at Zurich, says: 'The combination of technology and a sustained programme of working with drivers to reduce crash risks should be at the heart of any fleet management programme. Used effectively, telematics can help save lives on the roads, reduce costs and improve the working environment for drivers.'