The armoured Mercedes-Benz E-Class

* Withstands .44 calibre handgun attacks * Armoured with extra steel * Underbody armour also available...

The armoured Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Are you worried that someone might be out to get you? Then why not consider the armoured version of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class the E-Guard?

Modifications include steel strengthening to the chassis and all-round polycarbonate glazing. The added protection means the car can withstand handgun bullets of up to .44 calibre.

The car's run-flat tyres have also been designed to carry the vehicle at speeds of 50mph for around 30 miles if they're damaged.

Other security options include an emergency alarm, intercom system and underbody armour.

As a result of the increased weight from the extra steel, the car also has uprated breaks and suspension.

The E-Guard package, which doesn't include the car itself, costs 45,000 (around 40,000) plus VAT.