The best cars for less than £400 per month

Thanks to our Deals service, a new car doesn’t have to break the bank – we’ve got some of the best savings on PCP finance for spacious SUVs, plush executive saloons, and more...

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Nowadays, most new cars are bought using personal contract purchase (PCP) deals. This type of financing is attractive to buyers because it lets them run a new car that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

A monthly budget of £400 for a new car is achievable for many of us, and the good news is that you can end up driving some of the best new cars on the market for that sort of money. Here, we've picked our top 10 new cars you can have for £400 a month or less, and all but one of them are five-star cars.

The list has been compiled using our Target Price research, which reveals the most you should pay for a new car. Each of these deals is based on 15% of the value of the car combined with the manufacturer's finance discount contribution (if there is one).

If you spot one you like, simply click on the relevant link to find out more by reading our full review or seeing the latest offers available through our free What Car? Deals pages.

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