The best hybrid cars for less than £300 per month

Thinking of going partially electric? We've rounded up the best hybrid car PCP deals covering small cars, family hatchbacks, estates and even SUVs...

Toyota C-HR with Target Price logo

If you've been thinking of going green, and by doing so cutting down on your fuel and tax bills, a hybrid car can be a great place to start.

Whether you choose one that you plug in to charge or one that you don't, hybrid cars supplement a petrol engine with an electric motor, allowing you to complete at least part of your journey without using any fossil fuel at all. They make especially good sense if you live in the city.

Most buyers will buy a hybrid car on a monthly PCP finance deal. This type of deal allows you to buy a car for around the same price as a three-year-old one, because you're financing only a fraction of its total price.

The deals we've selected here are all based on our Target Price research, which reveals the most you should pay for a new car. Each is based on 15% of the value of the car, combined with the manufacturer's finance discount allowance if applicable.

And the best part? All of these hybrids will cost you less than £300 per month on a PCP contract. In fact, the cheapest on this list will cost you just £211 per month.

If you find one you like, simply click on the relevant link to find out more. 

10. Lexus UX 250h 2.0 CVT

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Lexus UX

Target PCP (per month) £288 Target Price (on the road) £29,317 The deal 42 months' PCP finance with 0% APR and a finance contribution of £1000. Limit of 8000 miles per year

The UX is the smallest SUV Lexus makes, but it still benefits from hybrid power. As well as the low fuel bills and CO2 emissions afforded by partly electric power, the UX impresses with a high-quality interior and pleasant performance around town. Practicality isn't its strongest point, though, and its infotainment system is slow and fiddly.

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9. Lexus NX 300h 2.5 CVT [Sport Pack, panoramic roof and 8.0in navigation]

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Lexus NX

Target PCP (per month) £211 Target Price (on the road) £19,706 The deal 48 months' PCP finance with 4.9% APR and a finance contribution of £1000. Limit of 8000 miles per year

There's no such thing as a poorly equipped NX, but this version comes positively rammed with extra kit, including a panoramic roof, an upgraded infotainment screen and Lexus's Sport Pack. The NX offers a comfortable driving position, too, and because of its hybrid credentials, it will save you money on company car tax.

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8. Kia Niro 1.6 GDi 2 DCT

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Kia Niro front three quarters

Target PCP (per month) £234 Target Price (on the road) £21,238 The deal 36 months' PCP finance with 5.9% APR and a finance contribution of £2000. Limit of 8000 miles per year

Kia's hybrid small SUV is the sister car to the Hyundai Ioniq, and what's especially impressive is how well the electric motor and 1.6-litre petrol engine work together in combination with the standard six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. The Niro is reasonably practical, and it's also available in plug-in hybrid and fully electric forms if you feel like going further down the green route.

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