The best luxury cars to buy right now

From the Mercedes-Benz S-Class to the BMW 7 Series and Rolls-Royce Ghost - this is our pick of the best luxury cars on the market right now...

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Darren Moss
08 April 2016

Luxury cars are often among the most expensive cars to buy, but drivers in this market expect nothing less than the best. A cosseting, comfortable ride, an luxurious interior fitted with the latest in autonomotive technology, and a powerful engine capable of traversing entire continents in a single leap.

In this market, too, the back seats are just as important as the front, as most - if not all - of these cars will also be used as private limousines and chauffeured vehicles.

To luxury car buyers, taste is everything, so we've compiled this list of the best luxury cars on sale today. Our list includes long-established luxury cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, as well as newer entries in the form of the Range Rover SUV.

The best luxury cars on sale today

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The best luxury cars to buy right now

We named the Mercedes S-Class as the best luxury car of 2016 at this year's What Car? Awards. This is the benchmark by which all other luxury cars are judged, and remains an icon in its own right. If the standard car isn't luxurious enough, Mercedes-Benz also offers extended wheelbase variants and even a super-luxury model bearing the historic Maybach name. Whichever engine you choose here, you'll be getting a smooth, powerful car with one of the finest interiors around.

Priced from - £68,870

The best luxury cars to buy right now

Unlike most Rolls-Royce models, which are designed to be ridden in, the Ghost was designed to be driven. It's powered by a magnificant V12 engine, and features many of the same components and technologies as the excellent BMW 7 Series, which itself features further down this list. Rear passengers aren't forgotten, either, and have full control over the car's infotainment and audio functions. Extended wheelbase models also get extra room in the back, and the rear pillars are designed to give you extra privacy.

Priced from - £250,272

Range Rover

The best luxury cars to buy right now

In recent years, the Range Rover has risen from being just another pricey SUV to being a true luxury car in its own right. Land Rover has combined the practicality and off-road functionality of an SUV with the interior quality and luxurious ride of a much larger, more expensive luxury car. The result is a unique proposition, and a very worthy alternative to conventional cars in this market. The V6 diesel model is surprisingly efficient, too, though a more powerful V8 petrol is also available.

Price from - £75,850

The best luxury cars to buy right now

The latest BMW 7 Series is a technical Tour de Force - combining a high quality interior with a range of efficient and strong engines. That means the 7 Series is equally at home as a driver's car as it is as a limousine. While the 7 Series is more fun to drive than many other rivals on this list, however, its ride quality can't quite match the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Price from - £65,430

Audi A8

The best luxury cars to buy right now

Audi's luxury model is elegant and refined, and often stacks up well in our group tests next to its rivals from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In long-wheelbase form especially, the A8 is incredibly spacious, and its interior is beautifully built and stacked full of the latest technology. The A8 is let down by poor residual values, though, and won't be easy to sell on. It's also a rare sight on UK roads.

Priced from - £60,235

Bentley Mulsanne

The best luxury cars to buy right now

Like Rolls-Royce, Bentley's history is steeped in the luxury market. The Mulsanne may divide opinions with the way it looks, but few would deny that when it comes to the values of a luxury car - a beautiful interior and a range of powerful engines - it's up there with the best. The Mulsanne is also easy to drive, and in more powerful forms is also brutally quick.