Best used coupes (and the ones to avoid)

The best used coupΓ© combines smart looks with driving pleasure. Here’s our top 10

Words By Alex Robbins

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7. Mini CoupΓ©

Its bizarre styling might not be to everyone’s taste, but if you want a fashionable coupΓ© that won’t cost the earth, this is where to look. What’s more, the Mini CoupΓ© is genuinely good fun to drive, with a choice of responsive engines, a lively chassis and (in petrol versions at least) a great engine note. You’ll have to live with just the two seats, mind you, although there’s a useful storage cubby behind them as well as a decent-sized boot.

We found: 2013 Cooper, 16,500 miles, Β£8391

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6. Mercedes-Benz E-Class CoupΓ©

In much the same way as the smaller C-Class CoupΓ©, comfort is the watchword for the Mercedes E-Class CoupΓ©. It’s softly sprung, which means it isn’t quite as much fun to drive as some of its ilk, but the flipside is an emphasis on smoothness. As ever with used Mercs of this era, the diesel engines are a bit raucous, but otherwise, few other coupΓ©s are quite this relaxing to waft along in.

We found: 2013 E220 CDI Sport, 34,000 miles, Β£15,900

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5. BMW 2 Series

Smart, compact and sharp to drive, the BMW 2 Series is a fantastic little coupΓ© that ticks a host of boxes. True, it’s quite expensive to buy, and space in the back isn’t the greatest, which is the penalty you pay for its easy-to-drive dimensions. But you do get the choice of a splendid line-up of punchy yet economical engines, as well as a fantastic chassis that combines sharp responses with a comfortable ride. It’s classy inside, too, and benefits from one of the best entertainment and navigation systems around.

We found: 2014 220i SE, 13,000 miles, Β£15,500

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