Best used coupes (and the ones to avoid)

The best used coupΓ©s combine smart looks with driving pleasure. Here’s our top 10

Words ByAlex Robbins

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4. BMW 2 Series

Smart, compact and sharp to drive, the BMW 2 Series is a fantastic little coupΓ© that ticks a host of boxes. True, it’s quite expensive to buy, and space in the back isn’t the greatest, which is the penalty you pay for its easy-to-drive dimensions. But you do get the choice of a splendid line-up of punchy yet economical engines, as well as a fantastic chassis that combines sharp responses with a comfortable ride. It’s classy inside, too, and benefits from one of the best entertainment and navigation systems around.

We found: 2014 220i SE, 13,000 miles, Β£15,500

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3. Volkswagen Scirocco

Handsome, practical and good fun to drive: the Volkswagen Scirocco has it all. While it isn’t quite as classy inside as some of the other coupΓ©s here, its price reflects that, and makes the Scirocco look like very good value. There’s a choice of diesel or petrol engines, and automatic or manual gearboxes, and because the Scirocco was so popular when it was new, there’s a wide range to choose from on the used market. There’s very little, in short, that’s not to like.

We found: 2014 1.4 TSI, 23,000 miles, Β£11,227

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2. BMW 4 Series

It’s based on the ever-popular 3 Series Saloon, so it’s no wonder the BMW 4 Series is such a great coupΓ©. You get the same classy interior, excellent road manners and cracking petrol and diesel engines, but BMW’s lopped off two of the 3 Series’ doors, and replaced them with a swooping, elegant roofline that’s subtle but sophisticated, and pleases the more you look at it. All of which makes the 4 Series something of a winner.

We found: 2014 420d SE, 26,301 miles, Β£16,495

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