Best used coupes (and the ones to avoid)

The best used coupΓ©s combine smart looks with driving pleasure. Here’s our top 10

Words By Alex Robbins

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4. Volkswagen Scirocco

Handsome, practical and good fun to drive: the Volkswagen Scirocco has it all. While it isn’t quite as classy inside as some of the other coupΓ©s here, its price reflects that, and makes the Scirocco look like very good value. There’s a choice of diesel or petrol engines, and automatic or manual gearboxes, and because the Scirocco was so popular when it was new, there’s a wide range to choose from on the used market. There’s very little, in short, that’s not to like.

We found: 2014 1.4 TSI, 23,000 miles, Β£11,227

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3. BMW 4 Series

It’s based on the ever-popular 3 Series Saloon, so it’s no wonder the BMW 4 Series is such a great coupΓ©. You get the same classy interior, excellent road manners and cracking petrol and diesel engines, but BMW’s lopped off two of the 3 Series’ doors, and replaced them with a swooping, elegant roofline that’s subtle but sophisticated, and pleases the more you look at it. All of which makes the 4 Series something of a winner.

We found: 2014 420d SE, 26,301 miles, Β£16,495

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2. Audi TT

Some sports car might now be more thrilling to drive, but none of them can match the TT’s unique combination of qualities. It’s quick, supremely agile and very easy to live with, and it’s pack with the latest tech which helps to make it a truly tempting ownership proposition

We found: 2015 2.0T FSI Sport, 24,000 miles, Β£21,000

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