Best used Mercedes

There’s a cracking used Mercedes-Benz out there for every budget. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our top picks for every price range from Β£2000 to Β£25,000

Words By Alex Robbins

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Best used Mercedes-Benzes for Β£5000

3. SLK (2004-2011)

If you’re after a two-seat roadster that’s as practical as it is prestigious, the SLK should be on your radar. Not only does it look swish, but the folding hard-top roof makes it quieter than most convertible rivals on the move, not to mention more secure when it’s parked. Inside, there’s plenty of room for two, and you even get a sizeable boot – as long as you keep the roof up.

We found: 2006 SLK280, 68,000 miles, Β£5000

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2. S-Class (1999-2006)

The S-Class has always led the way for luxury cars, but this generation gained a reputation for technological advancement like no other. It’s long-lasting, too; there are still plenty of examples around for you to choose from, and that’s pushed values through the floor. It’s one of the more handsome S-Classes of recent years, and of course you get the model's typical values of space, comfort and outright luxury.

We found: 2004 S320 CDI, 95,000 miles, Β£4200

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1. CLS (2005-2010)

When the original CLS came out, it rather took the world by surprise. Here was fuddy-duddy Mercedes producing a four-door saloon that was long, low and incredibly elegant. Inside, the CLS was a treat, too, with vast swathes of wood and leather that made it feel every bit the luxury car it was. And remarkably, because the CLS depreciated more heavily than the more traditional Mercedes saloons, you can now get a half-decent example for less than Β£5000.

We found: 2005 CLS 320 CDI, 100,000 miles, Β£4995

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