The biggest Target Price discounts: new 69-plate special

From luxury saloons to SUVs, we've rounded up the biggest savings available through What Car?'s Target Price discounts, with an average saving of £6513 per car...

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Darren Moss
01 September 2019

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September marks a big change in the new car world, as numberplates shift over from '19' to '69' – and that means buyers will be clamouring to get their hands on the latest registrations.

You might think, then, that now would be a tough time to find a deal, but our latest Target Price discounts show that's not the case. In fact, if you go through What Car? New Car Buying, you could save a bundle and still end up with a 69-plate car.

Unique to What Car?, Target Price is the most you should pay for your next car. It's set by our team of mystery shoppers, who spend every day seeing how low car dealers will go. Think of it as haggling on your behalf. We then publish those prices online and in our magazine, and if you buy through What Car? New Car Buying, you're likely to save even more, because our dealers will always match or beat Target Price.

So, how much do we mean by 'thousands'? Well, here we count down the top 10 biggest percentage discounts currently available.

10. Citroën C3

Citroen C3 2019 left front tracking shot

Target price from £12,105 | Save up to £3263 | Saving %: 18%

Whether or not you’re a fan of its looks, you've got to admit that the latest Citroën C3 is a small car that bristles with difference from whichever angle it's observed. It also has efficient engines on its side.

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9. Mercedes SL 400 Grand Edition

Mercedes-Benz SL 400 AMG Line Premium

Target price £78,465 | Saving £13,856 | Saving %: 18.1%

The Mercedes SL is a luxury grand tourer that makes those long journeys down to the Riviera both exciting and comfortable. This 400 model has a V6 petrol engine that's smooth and broadly powerful right through its rev range. Standard equipment is generous, too, including heated leather seats, sat-nav, rear parking sensors and dual-zone climate control.

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8. Seat Leon ST 1.5 TSI Evo SE

Seat Leon ST

Target price £16,191 | Saving £3794 | Saving %: 19.2%

We already think the Seat Leon is a good choice in the family car market, and the Leon ST estate version adds a load of extra space for luggage. It's a good all-rounder, in fact, even if it's outclassed by rivals in some key areas.

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