Used cars that pass their MOT the most - and the least

We reveal the best cars aged three to eight years old for passing the MOT test first time - and the models with the highest fail rates...

A vehicle’s MOT history is one of the first things used buyers look up when searching for their next car. Image 1 of 31

As well as giving a good indicator of how reliable a vehicle is, a car's MOT history also reveals how well previous owners have looked after it. As a general rule, if you have two similar models on your list of potential buys, you're likely to be better off opting for the one with a string of advisory-free MOT passes, rather than one with lots of first-time fails.   

What Car? has compiled a list of the top 50 secondhand cars at three to eight years old with the best first-time MOT pass rates.

We analysed 745,000 anonymised MOT records published by the Department for Transport to find out which used models have the best MOT record. Each vehicle in our list has a minimum sample size of 100 cars, although the average sample size for all the models in the top 50 is 1157 vehicles. 

Here we reveal the top 20 models for passing their MOT test first time and the bottom 10. 

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