The most reliable hybrid cars - and the least

Hybrid cars are complex machines, but does all that technology make them unreliable? Here we reveal the most and least dependable models...

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If you choose a hybrid you get many of the advantages of a fully electric car, without the fear that you won't make it to the next charger. However, because hybrids combine a traditional engine with an electric motor, there's also more parts that could potentially go wrong.

You need to choose carefully, then. And that's why we've used the data from our 2021 Reliability Survey, conducted in association with MotorEasy, to reveal which hybrids should give you trouble free motoring and which are more likely to let you down.

We not only asked thousands of owners whether their cars suffered any faults or breakdowns in the previous year, but collected data on how long the faults took to fix and how costly those repairs were. We then used this data to give each model a unique What Car? Reliability Rating.

Below we countdown the 10 most dependable hybrids aged up to five years old, plus the three least dependable.

The 2022 What Car? Reliability Survey is now open. Tell us about your car for the chance to win a great prize in one of our monthly draws >>

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