The Qashqai and more

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The Qashqai and more

What Car? The Qashqai has done far better than a straight replacement for the Almera is likely to have done. Is it possible 'conventional' model lines will gradually evaporate from the Nissan or Renault portfolios?

Carlos Ghosn The challenge for any manufacturer is to anticipate customers unmet needs and then develop products in respect of those opportunities. The evolution of car segments has been a constant for our industry, and I see no reason why this shouldn't continue in the future. We will continue to evolve our own product line-up based on what customers need, without being limited by traditional segment definitions.

What Car? Could we have a second production facility for Renault-Nissan in the UK?

Carlos Ghosn In recent months, we announced two new products for the Sunderland factory: the Nissan Juke crossover and the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle. Our priority is to ensure we are making the best use of our existing facilities. At this stage, we aren't looking to add any new production facilities in the UK.

What Car? Which product from a rival car maker do you admire the most past or present and why?

Carlos Ghosn When I was working for Michelin, I always admired Nissan sports cars such as the Z and GT-R. So when we reintroduced the Z in 2003 and then the GT-R in 2007, it was a great feeling to bring these names back to the Nissan brand.

What Car? How do you relax?

Carlos Ghosn Spending time with my family is the best way I can relax and disconnect from the day-to-day pressures at work.

What Car? Thank you.