Top 10 parking problems revealed

  • reveals drivers most frequent parking queries
  • Cost and location are most common concerns
  • Leeds and York are the most searched-for cities
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New research has revealed British motorists' biggest concerns about parking.

According to research by found the price of parking was our biggest concern, with 80% of motorists on the website asking for details on this.

The second most popular piece of information requested by 70% of site users was the exact location of parking, with users wanting the postcode to put into sat-nav devices.

Beyond that, users wanted to know about height restrictions, opening hours and security. They also asked about spaces with the nearest public toilets, as well as requesting information on designated spaces (for disabled motorists or motorcycles, for example), while the 10th most popular question related to what methods of payment were accepted.

As well as that, the research also showed the 10 most requested cities, with Leeds at the top of the list. It was followed by York, Birmingham and Manchester, but the capital cities of England and Scotland, London and Edinburgh, only registered sixth and 10th respectively.

Founded in 2008, provides detailed information on more than seven million parking spaces, including car parks, street parking and private driveways, and can be accessed online, through SMS or as an iPhone app.

Top 10 most commonly asked questions;
1. Price
2. Postcode for sat-nav
3. Opening hours
4. Height restrictions
5. Secure
6. Toilets
7. Disabled
8. Parent & child spaces
9. Motorcycle spaces
10. Payment info (coins, credit cards, pay by mobile)

Top 10 most searched cities
1. Leeds
2. York
3. Birmingham
4. Manchester
5. Brighton
6. London
7. Nottingham
8. Norwich
9. Reading
10. Edinburgh