Top 10 most reliable city cars

  • What Car? Reliability Survey 2012
  • Most and least reliable cars rated
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The top 10 most reliable city cars in our 2012 Reliability Survey prove that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get a reliable car.

The Suzuki Alto tops the list, with a fail rate of just 10%. Even more impressive is an average repair cost of just 78.

Second place goes to the Toyota Aygo - it has an even lower fail rate at just 9%, but its Reliability Index figure is pushed a little higher due to a higher average repair cost of 126.

Despite being almost identical to the Aygo, the Peugeot 107 hasn't scored as highly. It's the number 10-rated city car, but it has a Reliability Index rating of 73, compared with the Aygo's 11 rating.

There are two Ford Ka models in the top 10 - the latest model is in fifth, whereas the '96-'09 car is in eighth. As well as a better Reliability Index score and lower fail rate, the newer model also has a lower average repair cost.

The previous-generation Kia Picanto took third place, with a Reliability Index rating of just 20 and a fail rate of 9%. Kia will be hoping for a similarly good showing from the latest Picanto model.

Top 10 most reliable city cars (by Reliability Index rating)
1 Suzuki Alto ('97-'06) 8
2 Toyota Aygo ('05-) 11
3 Kia Picanto ('04-'11) 20
4 Hyundai Getz ('02-'09) 25
5 Ford Ka ('08-) 27
6 Smart Fortwo ('07-) 27
7 Daewoo Matiz ('98-'05) 56
8 Ford Ka ('96-'09) 56
9 Fiat Panda ('04-12) 69
10 Peugeot 107 ('05-) 73

Daewoo Kalos (02-'05)

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