Top 10 summer motoring tips

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Top 10 summer motoring tips

The AA has released its top 10 tips for safer summer motoring.

The Met Office is predicting a hot and dry summer, and research suggests that one in five people that holidayed abroad in 2008 intend to remain in the UK this year.

Simon Tennyson, managing director of AA Warranty, said: 'The news that thousands more people will be holidaying in the UK is great for the economy, but it will add to congestion on our roads, with even more people expected to break down as a result.

'With this in mind, the AA has compiled a list of 10 top tips to make sure your vehicle is in good condition to face the summer weather.'

Top 10 summer motoring tips
1.Beat the rush: Plan your route and set off early in the morning when it's cooler and the roads are quieter.

2. Time for a break: Take plenty of breaks - at least two every two and a half hours.

3. It's all in the service: Make sure that your vehicle is regularly serviced to ensure there are no underlying problems.

4. Level-headed: Ensure oil, coolant, windscreen wash and brake fluid levels are correct.

5. Tread carefully: Check for any damage to tyres and make sure they are correctly inflated (do this when the tyres are cold) and that they have enough tread.

6. Keep a cool head: Check your cooling fan to ensure it's running properly before a long journey. Set the heater to cold, run the car to normal temperature and then allow the engine to idle for five to 10 minutes you should hear the fan cut in automatically as the engine heats up.

7. Battery power: Check your battery to ensure that the connections are clean and tight, and free from corrosion. Battery problems are the number one cause of breakdowns.

8. Take shade: When not driving, park under cover or in the shade to keep the temperature down inside the car.

9. Be prepared: Make sure you have a fully stocked first aid kit with you. Sunburn, insect bites and stings in the summer are common and can divert your attention from driving. Carry plenty of drinking water, food, a road atlas, fully charged mobile phone and sun tan lotion.

10. Warranty wonders: If disaster does strike, make sure you are sufficiently covered.