Toyota: free services or longer warranty

* Three years of free servicing * or five-year warranty * All new Toyotas covered...

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What Car? Staff
29 Mar 2010 09:58 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Toyota buyers get the choice of either three years of free servicing or an extended five-year warranty on their new cars.

Five-year warranty
The five-year warranty consists of Toyota's standard three-year/60,000 mile manufacturer warranty, which is extended to cover a further two years or 40,000 miles depending on which comes first.

The level of cover in the extended warranty matches that of the standard warranty.

However, to qualify the car must follow Toyota's standard service schedule and work must be carried out at a Toyota dealer during years the extended cover.

Or three years of free servicing
The free servicing covers the vehicle's first three services, which will be carried out at a Toyota dealer.

The servicing/warranty offer is available between now and the end of September.