True MPG more models added

* What Car? True MPG updates * Merc A-Class, Toyota Yaris and Range Rover added * Find out the real-world mpg of your car...

True MPG  more models added
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Matthew Burrow
21 Jan 2013 10:14

Cars from Ford, Jaguar, Kia, Mercedes, Land Rover and Toyota have all been added to the What Car? True MPG database.

What Car? True MPG allows car buyers to find real-world economy figures for new cars and personalise the results to reflect their personal driving requirements.

We have just tested the Mercedes-Benz A200 CDI Blue Efficiency Sport, which returned average economy of 58.6mpg, which is an impressive result and close to the official figure of 62.8mpg.

The Toyota Yaris 1.5 CVT Hybrid T Spirit returned 47.7mpg during testing. This represents a deficit of 28.6mpg from the official average economy of 76.3mpg. The result is particularly disappointing for a car that trades on its eco-friendly credentials.

Two Land Rover models have also been added to the database; the Range Rover TDV6 Autobiography and the Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 Autobiography. The Range Rover returned an average economy of 33.2mpg, coming close to the official figure of 37.7mpg.

The Range Rover Sport returned 26.6 mpg, which was also reasonably close to the official figure of 32.1mpg. Large diesel-engined vehicles tend to do well in testing, and the Land Rovers continue that trend.

The Jaguar XJ 3.0D V6 Portfolio SWB has also been tested and returned 43.1mpg down just 4.2mpg from its official figure.

Another luxury saloon that has been added to the True MPG database is the Mercedes-Benz S350 CDI Bluetec. The Mercedes returned 38.7mpg, falling short of its official average economy by 6.9mpg.

The Kia Ceed SW 1.4 CRDi 1 returned an impressive 58.7mpg, not quite the official figure of 67.3mpg, but very close.

Another diesel estate, but at the other end of the price spectrum, is the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake 350 CDI Blue Efficiency AMG Sport. This returned 43.2mpg down just 3.9mpg on its official figure of 47.1mpg.

The Ford Focus ST 2.0 ST3 Ecoboost returned an impressive 32.6mpg, which is down 6.6mpg from the official figure. This makes impressive reading for a performance hatch and confirms its place as is a great all-rounder.

Visit the True MPG website and you can find the True MPG figure for your car, tailored to how and where it'll be driven. There's also a guide to how the tests are conducted, and advice on how to save fuel.

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By Matthew Burrow

True MPG  more models added