Tyre prices rise as economy struggles

  • Bridgestone announces price hike
  • Weak pound means UK rises are higher
  • Costs up as price of raw materials soars
Words By Jim Holder

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An article image
An article image

Along with Britain's struggling economy, now there's another impact on motorists - tyres are costing more.

The weak pound has prompted tyre giant Bridgestone to raise prices in Britain more steeply than in continental Europe as it fights rising import costs.

Bridgestone, which is the world's biggest tyre manufacturer, has announced it will raise prices of tyres across Europe for the second time in months, blaming rapidly rising commodity prices.

A spokesman said the prices of key commodities used in manufacturing tyres, including oil, natural rubber and steel, had risen sharply.

British drivers face price hikes of 8-12%, compared with the 5-8% increase for their counterparts on the Continent.

Michelin has increased the price of its tyres in Europe by about 5% in recent weeks.