Tyre recycling initiative launched

* 100,000 tyres taken off UK cars each day * 40,000 tonnes of rubber could be recycled * New guidelines will increase recycling rate...

Tyre recycling initiative launched

An initiative has been launched to encourage businesses to recycle more tyres.

The Environment Agency estimates that 100,000 used tyres are removed from vehicles in the UK each day, amounting to 40,000 tonnes of rubber each year.

Under the scheme, the Environment Agency and the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) hope to create guidelines for the collection, transportation, storage, recycling and reuse of rubber tyres.

It is hoped that tyres processed under the guidelines would no longer be classified as waste, making the recycled rubber more saleable and giving customers greater guarantees of quality.

Recycled rubber from tyres can be used for flooring, road surfacing, as an aggregate and in footwear.