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Used Car of the Year Awards contenders: luxury cars

You’ll have to wait until 30 September for the winner of the 2021 What Car? Used Car of the Year to be announced, but you can get a preview of the top contenders here...

Jaguar XF

Look no further than the Jaguar XF if you desire to have a luxury car that handles as adroitly as a car half its size. Equipment levels are generous across all trims, plus this second generation XF is decently practical, too.

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Volvo S90

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Volvo S90

The Volvo S90 comes with lots of standard equipment, even in Momentum form, plus it also gets safety tech such as lane-keep assistance that was an option on a contemporary E-Class. You can even get a newer 2018 example of the S90 for our money.

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Mercedes E-Class

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7 reasons to buy a Mercedes E-Class

Stick with the SE version of the Mercedes E-Class and you'll be treated to a more cosseting ride than you'll find in the Volvo S90, and a decent list of equipment. You won't have quite as big an infotainment screen as you get in the Volvo, but you do at least get a rotary controller to operate it which makes things easier on the move.

BMW 530e front cornering

The latest 5 Series is so good that we named it our Car of the Year in 2017, so being able to buy a year-old example of this once £40,000 car for less than £30,000 is good news. And despite being an older design than the A6 on this list, it still has a great infotainment system and a beautifully finished interior.

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Audi A6

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Audi A6 saloon front - navy blue

The latest generation Audi A6 has gained mild-hybrid technology which makes it a little bit more efficient than the pre-facelift 5 Series we've chosen. The A6 is also a touch more practical than a 5 Series due to more rear leg room and a standard split-folding rear seat.

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Jaguar XJ

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Jaguar XJ

You will have to plump for a 2017 XJ for this money, but it's still an awful lot of car for relatively little outlay compared to when it was new. Most will also come with a powerful 3.0-litre V6 diesel, so it'll be both quick and decently economical.

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Less than £40,000

Audi A8

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Audi A8

The current A8 has managed to topple the mighty S-Class in the 2020 Car of the Year awards for ride comfort and high-speed refinement, making it a very tempting proposition as a used buy for similar money. The only fly in the ointment is that the twin-screen touchscreen infotainment system isn't as easy to use as the rotary controller in the S-Class.

Used BMW 7 Series 15-present

Be in no doubt, the large 7 Series is a great car to drive. You get a strong range of engines, too, with the sensible 3.0-litre diesel being more than you'll ever need in terms of performance and respectable economy for a big car.

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Mercedes S-Class

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Mercedes S-Class

The onset of an all-new S-Class has had a knock-on effect on used S-Class prices, making a two-year-old example nearly half price. Not bad for what many would still consider is the best car in the world.

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