Used test: Chevrolet Aveo vs Skoda Fabia vs Suzuki Swift

The Skoda Fabia, Suzuki Swift and Chevrolet Aveo were all bargain small cars, even when they were new. Are they now extra-value used items?

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What are they like inside?

These are small cars, not city cars, so they should be able to comfortably carry four adults. The Skoda Fabia and Chevrolet Aveo do exactly that, with enough leg and headroom for all but the tallest of back-seat passengers. Things are cramped in the rear of the Suzuki Swift, because the sides of the car taper in, eating up headroom.

The Swift also has the pokiest boot, with barely enough room for a few bags of shopping. The Fabia and Aveo offer similar amounts of space - enough for a couple of large suitcases or a pushchair. The rear seats in all three can be folded down when you need to carry bulkier items.

You’ll find it easiest to get comfortable in the Fabia, because the steering wheel adjusts for height and reach, while the driver’s seat can be raised and lowered by pumping a lever. The driving positions in the Swift and Aveo aren’t so flexible; the Swift’s steering wheel doesn’t adjust for reach and the driver’s seat in the Aveo’s doesn’t go up or down.

These are amongst the cheapest superminis on sale, so it’s no surprise they all have fairly low-rent cabins. The Fabia’s dashboard at least feels solid and is the most logically laid out, even though it’s dull to look at.

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