Used SUVs tested: Nissan Qashqai vs Peugeot 3008 vs Skoda Yeti

These three family-friendly SUVs are all a manageable size and easy to drive. But which makes the best used buy?

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What will they cost?

The Qashqai and the Yeti will cost you roughly the same to buy these days, but the 3008 is significantly cheaper, having lost a greater proportion of its value already.

And while that means the Qashqai and Yeti are both more likely to hold onto a greater proportion of their value, in cash terms you’ll probably lose slightly less on the Peugeot, as its values will fall less rapidly the lower it gets. In effect, the other two have further yet to fall.

The 3008 is also the cheapest car here to service, though the Yeti runs it pretty close. The Qashqai, by comparison is quite a bit more costly than either car. However, it should more than make up that difference by being the most reliable of the three, according to the What Car? Reliability Index; the 3008 is less reliable, but still gets an above average score, while the Yeti comes last and below average.

It’s worth pointing out, too, that many diesel Yetis, like the one tested here, are subject to the Volkswagen Group's emissions fix, which some owners have reported has an effect on the way the car drives.

However, it doesn’t all go the Peugeot’s way in this area, because it’ll be more expensive to fuel and to tax over the course of your time with it. Its fuel economy is the least impressive here, though to be fair, at 60.1mpg it isn’t far off the 61.4mpg of the Skoda or the 62.8mpg of the Nissan. Where it does fall down is on emissions – it sits just the wrong side of the 121g/km tax threshold, meaning it’ll cost Β£110 a year to tax, where the other two will only cost you Β£30 a year.

What’s more, you rather get what you pay for with the Peugeot. The 3008 tested here is in entry-level Access trim, and it isn’t particularly well equipped. You get air conditioning, a stereo and front electric windows, but not a lot else. Its rivals both have rear electric windows, alloy wheels and an Aux input as well. The Qashqai, also an entry-level car, adds Bluetooth connectivity to that, while the Yeti, a higher-spec SE model, comes with climate control and rear parking sensors.

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