Van and Commercial Vehicle Awards 2022: Small Van - Best Value for Ownership Costs

The Caddy might not be the cheapest van to buy outright, but fantastic residual values mean that Volkswagen’s smallest van makes a lot of sense in the long run...

WINNER: Small Van - Best Value for Ownership Costs

Volkswagen Caddy


Priced from £18,365 Economy 42.2-55.4mpg CO2 emissions 127-159g/km Load space 3.1-3.7m3 Payload 648-700kg Power 74bhp-120bhp Torque 184.3-236lb ft

The Volkswagen Caddy has always enjoyed higher than usual residual values than many of its competitors, and the latest version is no exception. Bolstered by new safety features, cleaner engines and a brand-new look, the new model strikes a chord with buyers looking to own a premium model, yet keep a careful eye on whole-life costs. 

Like its larger sibling, the Volkswagen Transporter, the Caddy carries with it a certain caché that other models can only aspire to, but the latest fifth-generation Caddy van promises to surpass even the best expectations of what its second-life value will be. 

Volkswagen Caddy 2021 dashboard

Based on three years of use and 100,000 miles, our calculations suggest the new Caddy van will retain 12% more value than its nearest direct rival. Volkswagens have often commanded a premium over the competition in terms of price, and while that is still the case, the Caddy rewards buyers by recouping much of their initial outlay, and helping them spend less time at the pumps thanks to its more economical diesel engine.

Fixed price servicing available with monthly payments and an unlimited mileage warranty within the first two years (or a three-year/100,000 mile warranty after that) confirm that the Caddy continues to look after its buyers. 

Competitive leasing rates, thanks to the van’s impressive residual values, also make the Caddy an attractive option for those looking for a monthly payment plan. 

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