Vauxhall launches 'green' Astra

  • Astra Exoflex from 16,340
  • 62mpg, 119g/km CO2
  • Available as 3dr, 5dr & estate
Words ByWhat Car? Staff

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An article image
An article image

Vauxhall has launched the low CO2 emitting Astra Ecoflex.

Powered by a 108bhp 1.7-diesel engine, the Astra Ecoflex is capable of 62.8mpg while emitting 119g/km of carbon dioxide.

The fuel efficiency and low emissions have been made by tweaking the standard cars suspension, aerodynamics and engine management system and by fitting low-rolling resistance tyres and decreasing the cars weight by 30kg.

A five-door Astra Ecoflex starts at 16,340 in Life A/C trim, which is about 300 more than the standard car, and about 300 less than the equivalent Ford Focus Econetic model.

The Astra Ecoflex falls into the lowest Benefit In Kind tax band for company car drivers, while private buyers will only pay 35 per year in Vehicle Excise Duty.

Pricing on three-door and estate Astra Ecoflex models will be announced later, and Ecoflex variants of Insignia and Corsa models will go on sale next year.