Volkswagen Golf

  • Fleet favourites tend to make more financial sense as a used buy
  • BMW 3 Series and VW Golf are more expensive prospects as a new car
  • Four-figure savings on offer
Words By Matthew Burrow

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Fleet favourites tend to be sold in high numbers and have fairly poor resale values as a result. This means a used example of the same model is often the better-value buy, especially given that our recommended models don’t always attract the best discounts. Take the BMW 3 Series. Even with BMW’s 4.9% APR PCP finance deal, generous Β£2250 deposit allowance and higher resale value after three years, a new 320d M Sport saloon is still Β£1280 more expensive to fund than a used model.

It’s the same story with the slightly smaller, but no less coveted five-door Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI 122 SE, which works out Β£2846 cheaper over three years as a used buy than as a new one, based on a 36-month 6.4% APR PCP for the new car.

Once you’ve taken into consideration the cost of depreciation, a new Golf works out at Β£11,656, whereas a used one comes in at a much more reasonable Β£8956.

Verdict: Used