VW Polo finance: special offers

* Repayments from 99 * Fixed-price servicing offer * Available until December 31...

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What Car? Staff
16 October 2009

VW Polo finance: special offers

Volkswagen is offering Polo buyers two Solutions finance deals on any of the new superminis purchased between now and December 31.

The deals are based on a three-year/30,000-mile contract. At the end of the contract, customers will have the option to pay a final payment to purchase the car, or can simply hand it back.

Charges include a 125 acceptance fee, and for those opting to buy the car at the end of the contract, a 60 option-to-purchase fee. Any excess mileage over the 30,000 limit will be charged at 3.6p per mile (excluding VAT).

Low monthly repayments
The first scheme requires monthly payments starting from 99 per month for the 1.2-litre 60PS three-door Polo, or 109 for the equivalent five-door model. Buyers will need a 2,800 deposit.

Buyers opting to keep the car can then pay a further 4392 (for the three-door) or 4653 (five-door).

No deposit scheme
VW reckons the 'no deposit' scheme will appeal to younger buyers. Repayments are higher, starting at 189 per month for the three-door and 199 for the five-door car.

The final payment for customers wanting to keep the car is a little lower with this scheme, starting at 4162 for the three-door, and 4529 for the five-door model.

Fixed price servicing
As part of the Solutions finance deal, buyers will be able to buy a fixed-price servicing package for 250. This buys three years or 30,000 miles of servicing, depending which comes soonest, and aims to give customers peace of mind as well as saving them money.