VWs electric Golf emits 67g/km

  • Figure from energy consumption data
  • gathered during Future Car Challenge
  • Figures for Polo and Golf Bluemotion coming
Words By What Car? Staff

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An article image

Volkswagen has released energy consumption figures for its Future Car Challenge-winning Golf blue-e-motion electric car.

The prototype Golf, which will go on sale in late 2013, consumed 14.11kW/h of energy on the 57-mile route, but also created 2.76 kW/h of energy through recuperation. This gave it an overall consumption figure of 11.35kW/h.

That's the equivalent of emitting 67g/km of carbon dioxide, according to conversion rates by the Carbon Trust. The average emissions of an electric car powered by electricity from the UK grid are 72g/km.

The car was driven by What Car? magazine editor Jim Holder and VW engineer Folko Rohde. It was the first time the car had been seen on British roads.

First energy data
Although almost every car taking part in the Future Car Challenge was fitted with a datalogger, the Golfs consumption figures are the first to be released publically. This is because organisers agreed to not publish results in the first year of the challenge, in order to persuade manufacturers to run in the event. Instead, it is being left to individual manufacturers to decide whether they release their data.

VW has pledged to publish consumption figures for its Polo and Golf Bluemotion, which also took part in the Brighton to London event, when they are made available by organisers.

Figures for the Golf Bluemotion and Polo Bluemotion were:
Golf Bluemotion (What Car? team): 58.00 mpg ?Golf BlueMotion (David Madgwick): 78.52 mpg ?Polo Bluemotion (Alex Kersten/Autocar): 44.32 mpg

Organisers have said they will review the policy of not publishing consumption figures for future events.