We're switched on to electric power

  • 81% of under-25s would favour electric cars
  • Fuel prices and greener lifestyles to 'blame'
  • Two-thirds change driving habits
Words By What Car? Staff

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Three-quarters of British motorists would consider leaving their fuel-powered engines behind, in favour of an electric car.

That's according to a survey by esure car insurance which found that younger motorists were more likely to buy greener cars vehicles which run on battery power, bio-fuel or a mix of petrol and battery power (in the form of hybrids like the Toyota Prius). A whopping 81% of under-25s said they would consider going electric.

The reasons given for this will come as no surprise: rising prices at the pump, higher road tax and congestion charges, as well as the pressure to follow a greener lifestyle.

Two thirds of drivers also claim to have changed the way they drive or their attitude to motoring as a result of the credit crunch and the increasing cost of running a car.

Of all age groups, the most stubborn were the over-55s, with just 66% of those surveyed considering changing their priorities when buying a car.