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Mini Countryman

Buying new

  • Our recommended choice: Mini Countryman Cooper D Classic All4
  • List price: £26,985
  • What Car? Target Price: £25,479
Used Mini Countryman Hatchback 17-present

The Mini Countryman is an SUV that could slot very easily into Ian's life. It has space for four, a punchy 2.0-litre diesel engine, a manual gearbox and even four-wheel drive. There's no CD player, sadly, but as standard you do get a DAB radio, sat-nav and even Apple CarPlay connectivity.

We awarded five stars for both front and rear space in the Countryman because, despite being a small SUV, it has more than enough room inside for most families. A sliding rear bench is available for the rear seats, too, allowing you to prioritise either luggage or boot space.

This Cooper D's diesel engine offers good performance – better than most diesel-engined rivals, in fact – and you should get reasonable fuel economy too.

This version of the Mini Countryman would normally cost you £26,985, but What Car? New Car Buying can lower that price for you. Our latest Target Price deals bring it down to a far more palatable £25,479, and our approved dealers could save you even more if you ask for a quote.

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  • Also consider: Ford Focus Estate
  • List price: £21,700
  • What Car? Target Price: £20,089
Ford Focus Estate 2019 wide exterior shot

A spacious estate could suit you just as well as an SUV, especially when it's the Ford Focus, which has excellent handling and comes with a punchy diesel engine. A six-speed manual gearbox comes as standard, too.

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  • Also consider: Tesla Model S
  • List price: £74,405
  • What Car? Target Price: £74,405
Tesla Model S

If you can stretch your budget to around the £70,000 mark, then why worry about fuel costs at all? Just let the Tesla Model S whisk you along with its dual electric motors. There's four-wheel drive on offer, enough space for four to relax in comfort, and near-silent running. You won't find a CD player on board, however, and every Model S has an automatic gearbox.