What Car? Personal Shopper: best prestige SUV for a growing family

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What Car? Personal Shopper

The reader

Dear What Car?,

My husband and I are expecting our second child later this year, and we want to upgrade from our current family hatchback to an SUV, because we want more space inside the car and because I want to see more of the road ahead, like I can in my sister's Nissan Qashqai. My husband travels a lot for work, so he needs something that’s comfortable for long distances and which can also connect to his phone easily. Our budget is around £30,000; what would you recommend?


The brief

  • SUV (large enough for a growing family)
  • Diesel engine (based on your mileage)
  • Easy infotainment system
  • Comfortable for long journeys
  • Around £30,000

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