What is the best car shampoo 2019?

We name the very best car shampoos you can buy, and tell you how to get outstanding results...

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Doug Revolta
19 November 2015

What is the best car shampoo 2018?



What is the best car shampoo 2018?

1. Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash

2. Autoglym Car shampoo conditioner

3. Valet Pro Avanced Poseidon car wash

Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash is the standout shampoo from our product test. At just 18p per wash, it represents brilliant value and delivers excellent results. Autoglym grabs second place and Valet Pro’s Poseidon is third in our test. Both are thoroughly recommendable, high-quality products, but don't quite offer the staggering value of Bilt Hamber.

Expert advice on how to get the best results

Dean Childs from DC’S Valeting and Detailing has 10 years’ experience of using car cleaning products professionally. Here, he gives some tips on how to get the best results.

“If you can, jet wash the car to get the worst of the grime off first.

“Definitely use a good-quality wash pad or mitt rather than a sponge. If you use a sponge, it could pick up grit and induce swirls.

“Then use two buckets, one clean with just water, and another with the car shampoo, ideally with grit guards on the bottom of both. Always wash the mitt in the clean water after every panel to keep your shampoo bucket clean from grit and general debris.

“Wash and wax products are great if you don't want to apply protection to the car afterwards, because it can add a layer of protection to the paintwork without having to take the time to polish or wax it.

“Always hand dry the car with soft drying towels afterwards, using a quick detailing spray to help prevent swirling.

“A good indication as to whether a car has protection applied is the way the water is sitting. If the water beads or sheets off of the car’s paintwork, the car is protected. If water is hanging around, it’s an unprotected car.”