Which tax band does my Corsa fit into?

Which tax band does my Corsa fit into?
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Will Nightingale
20 Jun 2008 13:38

Q: Could you tell me which of the new tax bands my 1996 Vauxhall Corsa 1.7D will fall into? I would also like to know its CO2 emissions.
Steve Holland, via e-mail

A: Only cars registered after February 31, 2001, are taxed on CO2 emissions, so your Corsa will cost you 185 a year - just like any other pre-2001 car with an engine bigger than 1549cc.

Your car's age also means no CO2 emissions are available for it, either. However, later cars with a very similar engine emitted 139g/km - so expect yours to pump out around the same.