Why use What Car? deals?

What Car? provides an end-to-end experience for prospective new car buyers, from researching your vehicle all the way through to buying your vehicle from a local dealer at a pre-agreed price...

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What Car? team
31 Aug 2018 13:29

The Right Car

What Car? is the UK's biggest and best car buyer's guide, with a monthly magazine and a website that includes new and used car reviews, latest car news and all the advice you need regarding buying, selling and owning your vehicle.

Our editorial and road test team provide honest verdicts on every major car on the market, plus purchasing advice and definitive information on insurance, warranties, accessories and servicing.

Whether you are after an unbiased review of all the latest vehicles, or in-depth car data information to help you make your decision, What Car? can help you focus on the right car that ticks all of your requirement boxes.

The Right Price

Buying a car can be daunting, with so many options and "offers" available to confuse the prospective car buyer.

Our service takes the hassle - and haggle! - out of buying a new car by ensuring that dealers commit to a fair price up front.

Dealers on our website commit to selling the vehicle at the prices you see listed - which often include a significant saving on the Recommended Retail Price.

We also compare all listed prices to our What Car? Target Price, which is worked out by What Car?’s team of mystery shoppers and new car price researchers, and represents the most you should pay for any particular vehicle.

All of our registered dealers commit to our Dealer Charter that promotes best practice within the trade, ensuring that you will not get any late nasty surprises when you are completing your purchase.

And if you cannot find the exact vehicle you are looking for listed on our website, we have a dedicated team of experts who will be able to put you in touch with a dealer who will sell you the car at the What Car? Target Price or less.

The Right Dealer

We list prices from What Car? approved dealers around the UK, with search results showing the dealers that are closest to you.

We know that customer service and after-sales care counts for a lot when making an expensive purchase, so all of our listed dealers have committed to our Dealer Charter that promotes best practice in the marketplace.

This includes a commitment to provide you with your chosen vehicle to the exact specification ordered, at the price agreed.

Our team of experts will regularly audit the pricing and quality of all our listed deals and dealers to ensure that customer service levels are top notch.