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Costs & verdict

Everyday costs, plus how reliable and safe it is

Whether or not you buy an electric van should boil down to the key question of whether it is suitable for your needs. If you make irregular journeys and often have to travel more than 100 miles in a single day, right now they're probably not for you. However, if you can charge frequently, can plan your journeys or work within a tight radius of your base, then the chances are you could benefit significantly from owning an electric van, with running costs as low as 2p per mile.

When it comes to choosing which e-NV200 to go for, we recommend mid-range Acenta trim because it gives you equipment that helps maximise your electric range. This includes a rapid charger, battery heater and cooler, and cruise control. It also comes with air conditioning.

Every e-NV200 benefits from the NissanConnect EV telematics system, which, among its features, allows you to remotely pre-condition the van's interior temperature while charging before the working day begins. This minimises battery usage in getting the vehicle to the driver's desired temperature. The system also enables remote monitoring of the battery charging status.

Rounding off the package is Nissan’s generous warranty terms. As with its diesel vans, the Nissan NV400, NV300 and NV200, there’s five years of back-up. The e-NV200 is also covered up to 60,000 miles, while the batteries are protected against capacity loss of 25% or more for up to eight years or 100,000 miles.

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Nissan e-NV200 infotainment screen
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The Nissan e-NV200 is the largest capacity fully electric city van on sale, which makes it the most flexible on the market and ideal for buyers with regular routes or who cover low mileage.

  • Good range
  • Ultra-quiet
  • smooth ride
  • Dated interior
  • Limited storage