Used Nissan Maxima QX Saloon 1995 - 2003 review

Category: Executive car

Section: Advice for buyers

1995 - 2003 review
Nissan Maxima QX Saloon (00 - 02)
  • Nissan Maxima QX Saloon (00 - 02)
  • Nissan Maxima QX Saloon (00 - 02)
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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Nissan Maxima QX saloon?

Build quality on this car is - in the main - good, and the Japanese firm's record on reliability is an impressive one. The QX's rating is well above average in data supplied by Warranty Direct.

That said, to minimise your risk, beware of high-milers. This car was aimed more at the fleet market than the private buyer, so many will have travelled big distances in a shorter space of time than normal.

Check for cars that could have been kerbed, because a linkage in the front suspension was found to break if subjected to an impact. Nissan warned this could affect the QX's stability and make the car difficult to control.

Brake discs have also been known to warp, so find out from the seller when they were last replaced. Inspect the headlamps, too, because faulty or damaged ones are particularly pricey to replace.


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Is a used Nissan Maxima QX saloon reliable?