Used Nissan Primera Saloon 2002 - 2006 review

Category: Family car

Section: Advice for buyers

2002 - 2006 review
Nissan Primera Saloon (02 - 06)
  • Nissan Primera Saloon (02 - 06)
  • Nissan Primera Saloon (02 - 06)
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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Nissan Primera saloon?

The Primera is extremely well screwed together, and has proved robust and reliable.

A small number have had minor electrical faults, and a limited run was recalled to have tyres replaced for potential damage caused on the production line. Other than that, it's a squeaky-clean motor.

Little wonder, then, that the Primera figured right near the top of our reliability survey and that owners praised its trouble-free running in the JD Power customer satisfaction survey.

However, the rear parking camera can take some getting used to, so inspect the rear bodywork for knocks that may have happened while the previous owner was getting used to it. Likewise, there are no protective rubbing strips on the side of the car, which makes it vulnerable to dings.


What are the most common problems with a used Nissan Primera saloon?

Is a used Nissan Primera saloon reliable?