Used Nissan Primera Saloon 1996 - 2002 review

Category: Family car

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Nissan Primera Saloon (96 - 02)
  • Nissan Primera Saloon (96 - 02)
  • Nissan Primera Saloon (96 - 02)

Our recommendations

Which used Nissan Primera saloon should I buy?

There isn't much of a price gap between the hatch and saloon, so we'd rather take the hatch than this saloon. But, whichever you choose, we'd recommed an SE or Sport version; the entry-level E trim and the GX are pretty basic. SE equips you with everything you need for safe, comfortable family motoring, while Sport adds a splash of aluminium in the cabin and smart alloy wheels.

GT versions are well stacked and have a 150bhp 2.0-litre engine for warm-hatch pace (0-60mph in 8.8sec, 136mph). It's a good car, but we wouldn't pay the extra over the standard 138bhp 2.0, which is our pick. With the manual gearbox, it's perky, eager to rev and quite frugal. Avoid the thirsty, sluggish CVT (continuously variable transmission) auto gearbox, though.