e-HDi Active 5dr EGC

  • Overall verdict3/5
  • What it's like to drive3/5
  • Running costs2/5
  • Quality4/5
  • Average MPG0 mpg

I have just taken delivery of this vehicle (company car) as I wanted something with increased ride height , good fuel economy , low CO2 emissions and all the 'extras'! An added attraction is 'Grip Control' for when winter sets in. So far (1500 miles approx) all is good despite a few niggles. Most of my driving is motorway and on my 2-400 mile journeys so far fuel economy has been between 53 and 57 mpg. I am hoping these figures will improve as the engine 'beds in'. The car has all the 'whistles and bells'...leather seats, climate control, heated seats, cruise control , panoramic sunroof etc etc. It is good to drive (plenty of grunt 3rd - 6th gears) , drives through corners well despite the extra height and looks fab. My niggles....no foot rest for the left foot , poorly thought out storage (for the driver especially) , a weird hand-brake and no CD player. The touch screen works OK but could be a little more responsive. All in all very happy so far!!

Mark Denison, Herts, October 24th 2014

VTi Access+ 5dr

  • Overall verdict4/5
  • What it's like to drive3/5
  • Running costs5/5
  • Quality3/5
  • Average MPG54.7 mpg

I own and drive the 1.6 HDI EGC active version and find it to be better than your video review suggests. The electronic gear change is probably the best I have driven,( I have had 5 auto boxes in the last 20 years.) It is both smooth in changing and anticipates which gear is required almost perfectly,whilst down changes are very well executed. I have not experienced undue wind noise at any speed and the suspension is also very good, all in all a refined motor car, and a nice place to be.

ian lamb, cumbria, August 15th 2014

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