Peugeot 208 GTi

Peugeot 208 GTi review


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Considering Peugeot’s decision to fit a smaller-than-usual steering wheel, tall drivers will find that it obscures most of the dials no matter how it’s positioned. At least most of the dash-mounted climate controls are within easy reach and are clearly labelled.

The 208 GTi’s standard sports seats offer support, but no model gets lumbar adjustment and the seat base isn’t particularly long, so the long-legged will find there isn’t much support beneath the thighs. The range of seat and wheel adjustment is good, though, and the pedals line up quite nicely with the driver’s seat.

A deep, wide front screen and thin pillars give good forward visibility. It’s the same story when going through roundabouts or exiting angled junctions, because there’s little to obscure the view. Over the shoulder, though, the view for the driver is slightly worse, with the car’s thicker rear pillars and relatively small rear screen making things more of a challenge. Rear parking sensors are standard, though, while a rear camera can be added as an option.

Peugeot includes a 7.0in touchscreen as standard. It’s reasonably bright and crisp, with modern on-screen graphics, but it isn’t responsive enough. You often find yourself double-clicking buttons in frustration, only to click something else by accident. There are also quite a few click and drag motions required that’s fiddly on the move.

However, interior quality is one of the 208 GTi’s strongest aspects. While none of the chrome accents dotted about the wheel and dash is actual chrome, they are at least convincing, while the leather sports steering wheel also feels of good quality. The GTi touches of piano-black plastic and contrast stitching are also welcome additions.


Peugeot 208 GTi
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