Used Porsche 911 Coupe 2001 - 2006 review

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2001 - 2006 review
Porsche 911 Coupe (01 - 06)
  • Porsche 911 Coupe (01 - 06)
  • Porsche 911 Coupe (01 - 06)
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Our recommendations

Which used Porsche 911 coupe should I buy?

Whichever version you go for, you won't be making a bad choice - all are terrific. The base-level Carrera cars come in coupe, cabriolet or targa body styles, and are powered by a 320bhp version of the awesome 3.6-litre engine, enough to propel it from 0-60mph in around five seconds.

Carrera 4 and 4S models have the same engine output, but also have four-wheel drive. These come in the coupe or cabriolet body styles only.

Then there's our pick, the Turbo. It'll cost more, but let's face it, no version will be cheap. Power is hiked up to 420bhp, meaning that performance turns from blistering to Tarmac-shredding. The standard 911 is special, but the Turbo is truly an event.

There are also two stripped-out racing models: the 375bhp Carrera-based GT3, and the 462bhp Turbo-based GT2. These are perhaps best kept for track use.

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