Used Renault Espace MPV 1993 - 2003 review

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Section: Advice for buyers

Renault Espace MPV (93 - 03)
  • Renault Espace MPV (93 - 03)
  • Renault Espace MPV (93 - 03)

Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Renault Espace MPV?

Renault doesn't have the best of reliability records, and information supplied to us by Warranty Direct shows that the Espace is one of the worst performing cars in any sector.

For starters, its digital speedo is prone to problems and costs a fortune to fix. Heater leaks are also common, the 2.2-litre diesel engine may need an expensive rebuild at some point, and both the suspension and ABS have been known to fail.