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Renault Megane RS review

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Renault must have a fair idea what Francis Ford Coppola felt like when making The Godfather Part II. Or the pressure Radiohead were under while writing the follow-up to OK Computer.

Yep, in the world of hot hatchbacks, the recently departed Mégane RS was undoubtedly one of the greatest ever. So, Renault’s job of designing and building its successor must have been daunting in the extreme.

But here it is: the new Mégane RS – a car not only with big boots to fill but also some talented rivals vying for its blood. The Honda Civic Type R, our 2018 Hot Hatch of the Year, is at the front of that queue, but the Mégane RS also needs to face off the Ford Focus RSHyundai i30N and Volkswagen Golf R.

To help it do just that, Renault has used everything in its arsenal. There’s four-wheel steering to improve agility and the sort of suspension you’d usually expect in a rally car to help the Mégane RS deal with our battered country roads.

Prefer your hot hatches fast and fun yet still easy to live with? The regular Mégane RS is aimed squarely at you. But if you think a great hot hatch should be about maximum thrills whatever the consequences, the stiffer, more focused Cup version should be more up your street.

In this review, we’ll tell you about both versions, how they compare with their rivals and what you should consider before buying. Read on for all you need to know.

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There are 2 engines available for the Megane R.S. hatchback. Click to see details.See all versions
1.8 280
There’s only one engine: a 1.8-litre turbo petrol that pumps out 276bhp. The 0-60mph sp...View engine
Fuel Petrol
GearboxSemi-auto, Manual
0-62 MPH5.8 secs
What Car? Target Price from
Average Saving £394
View Engine
1.8 300
We have not written anything about this yet...View engine
Fuel Petrol
GearboxManual, Semi-auto
0-62 MPH5.7 secs
What Car? Target Price from
Average Saving £454
View Engine