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Renault Twingo
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Performance & drive

What it’s like to drive, and how quiet it is

There's a choice of three engines and all are three-cylinder petrols. The entry-level 1.0-litre SCe has just 69bhp so is decidedly sluggish; you need to rev the engine often to keep up with traffic. Thankfully, the turbocharged 0.9-litre TCe is much nippier and doesn't need revving anywhere near as hard. That said, the only Twingo that feels genuinely sprightly is the range-topping 109bhp GT, which uses a more powerful version of the 0.9-litre engine but is ultimately too expensive to recommend.

Dynamically, the Twingo is far from the best in its class. The SCe car has vague steering and, while both the TCe and GT models have a more precise variable-ratio steering rack, it still fails to inspire much confidence at speed. Around town, the Twingo certainly has its talents, most impressive of which is a turning circle that rivals a black cab. Sadly, it doesn't ride particularly well, so you're jostled around too much at all speeds. A Hyundai i10 or Skoda Citigo is an altogether more comfortable alternative.

The Twingo doesn't impress when it comes to refinement, either; wind and road noise is very noticeable at speed. The engines are vocal when worked hard, too, although the 0.9 unit never sounds too raucous, while the GT model actually emits quite a pleasant three-cylinder thrum.

Unfortunately, the five-speed manual gearbox is notchy and the vague clutch makes smooth progress a challenge – far from ideal in a car designed for the city. Ultimately, the i10, Volkswagen Up and Kia Picanto deliver a much better all-round driving experience.


Renault Twingo
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