Used Renault Twizy 2012-present review

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Used Renault Twizy 2012-present
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What used Renault Twizy city-car will I get for my budget?

Twizy prices start at around £4500 for one of the early 2012 models. Twizys rarely attract great mileages, so most will have modest amounts on the clock. Spend between £5000 and £6000 for a 2013/2014 car, a little more for a 2015/2016 one.

How much does it cost to run a Renault Twizy city-car?

It should cost very little to run your Twizy, except for one thing: the monthly fee you’ll have to pay for leasing the battery. This works out at an average of about £45 a month at present. Insurance costs are lower than average, and road tax costs will be zero. Surprisingly, perhaps, it will need servicing, but costs of this are fairly cheap, and plans are available for spreading the cost.  

Used Renault Twizy 2012-present
Used Renault Twizy 2012-present
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