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TDI CR SE 4dr [143]

  • Overall verdict 5/5
  • What it's like to drive 5/5
  • Running costs 5/5
  • Quality 5/5
  • Average MPG 0 mpg

I have had the car for one year today, it has been faultless, great performance and economy. It is extreemly well equipt, and has everything you would expect to find on a much more expensive car. On the plus side it performs well the six speed gearbox is smooth and quick, the engine is happy to pull hard form very low revs in any gear, and has ample power to pull up the steepest hill without really noticing it's there. Ater a years use not a singe rattle or trim squeek. It is solidly build thanks to its Audi origin. The doors close with a reassuring thud. The only minor niggle is the boot, it's enormous and the shopping keeps ending up against the back seat, it's quite a stretch to reach it. To sum up why buy a Golf when you can have an EXEO

Maurice Neal , Cornwall , March 14th 2012

TDI CR SE Lux 4dr [170]

  • Overall verdict 4/5
  • What it's like to drive 4/5
  • Running costs 5/5
  • Quality 5/5
  • Average MPG 0 mpg

9 months and 25,000 miles of ownership so far. Only problem has been a dribbling headlight washer when parked. The suspension seemed hard at first but soon feels good. Not as hard as the A4 used to be but not a sofa on wheels like the old Passats. The leather is wearing well and is very comfy on long journeys, it should be heated though.... The engine does loosen up after 10k and economy averaged 45mpg on mixed driving. Does not have the feel of power the old PD engines did and could be punchier. Remapping the engine has set free a bit more punch and economy has now risen to an average 52mpg and regularly hits 58+ mpg on long motorway runs when driven at UK motorway speeds. The cabin is quiet with very little tyre noise on most surfaces and unless its very windy outside there is little to no wind noise. All the gadgets work and are useful. Everything feels well made and screwed together (lots of Audi stickers. All in its a pleasant place to sit and feels to be worth far more than the second hand prices suggest. The only downside is rear space. Those under 6ft or for those who sit well forward with knees bent it is fine. For the taller amongst us, forget the rear seats, they are only for resting coats and jackets on..... Other criticisms are the rubbish temperature gauge which only shows full temp at motorway speeds with outside temp below 5 degrees. The original tyres were far too soft... The grip was great but all 4 tyres were worn out by 14k miles.

Steven Sheppard, Staffordshire, May 18th 2011

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