Used Skoda Fabia 2015 - present review


Used Skoda Fabia 15 - present
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What alternatives should I consider to a used Skoda Fabia hatchback?

The main rival for the Fabia in this class is the Ford Fiesta, one of the best-selling cars on the UK’s roads. It has always been a cut above its rivals to drive, with peppy engines and delightful steering and handling. It’s comfortable, too, with a smart, well-equipped interior, and it comes loaded with safety technology. It’s pricier than the Fabia, though, both new and used, and it’s not quite as practical.

The other main rivals both hail, like the Fabia, from the Volkswagen Group: the Seat Ibiza and the VW Polo. The Ibiza has been replaced this year by an all-new model that is both great to drive and remarkably spacious. It’s efficient, too, and has no major weakness in any area. The model it replaced wasn't as accomplished but was a safe, solidly built car with a hint of flair.

The Polo has a deserved reputation for taking all the good qualities of that evergreen car, the VW Golf, and compressing them down into a small car. It’s a well-built and entirely logical car, with a good range of engines and trims and, despite it having a higher purchase price than the Fabia’s, there are still some good used cars to look out for.

Used Skoda Fabia 15 - present
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The Fabia is a great small car, and, if you choose carefully, excellent value for money

  • Spacious interior
  • Good to drive
  • Standard infotainment system
  • Hard interior plastics
  • Low speed ride could be better
  • Shortage of advanced safety kit