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TDI CR GreenTech SE 5dr

  • Overall verdict 3/5
  • What it's like to drive 4/5
  • Running costs 4/5
  • Quality 2/5
  • Average MPG 46 mpg

I test drove a Rapid prior to ordering one...suffice to say its not for me. It's a pleasant enough drive and the basics are all fitted but it is very basic in its 'Green' guise. And you can't load it up with options to lessen the bargain basement austerity, its cheaper to buy an Octavia instead. If you are like me long body, shorter legs; the seat to pedals and wheel is completely wrong and won't adjust out...you bash your head on the cant-rail/door frame getting in and out. The seat padding under the thigh is too hard and the padding in the seat itself too soft so feel like you are sitting on something hard inside the seat's frame. The rear view mirror gives a good view of the parcel shelf or headlining or back seat but not much of what is outside, which I was always told was of some importance. The under-trimmed and lacking interior should be on par with the or better than the Fabia which is cheaper. So to sum up its a not so clever car from Skoda, which is a shame because on paper it makes so much sense.

Stuart Moon, Devon, March 21st 2015

TSI 105 SE 5dr

  • Overall verdict 2/5
  • What it's like to drive 2/5
  • Running costs 5/5
  • Quality 2/5
  • Average MPG 0 mpg

After my trusty Astra died on me after 10 years service I was in desperate need of a car. I did some research and I purchased a 1 year old Skoda 1.2 SE. There is alot to like about this car but the positives are outweighed by the negatives. First the positives. Its very roomy and I am impressed with the economy. I am getting 45 to 50 mpg which is excellent for mixed motoring in the rush hour. The car has lots of useful equipement-Cruise control, all round electric windows, air bags galore, remote central locking with alarm and a very good stereo. Now the negatives. The ride has got to be one of the worst I have encountered in 30 years of driving. Its firm and jiggly and you bounce around in your seat, even on the smoothest of roads. Its just not smooth and always feels very unsettled. Shame as it is a big negative and has spoilt my enjoyment of the car. The interior is roomy but there is evidence of cost cutting. The drivers window is one shot electric down. Not up. My old Astra had both as standard. The door mouldings are flimsy and the door handle seems to flex in use although it is supposidly "metal". A ski hatch is optional, as are steering wheel audio controls. Everday equipment is also missing though. I can live with the scratchy, hard plastic dashboard.I am not impressed with the overall build. This is my first Skoda and after the lack of communication from the Skoda dealer (and the complete indifference and unhelpful attitude of Skoda head office) it will be my last.

Paul Bailey, Beds, July 29th 2014

TDI CR Elegance 5dr

  • Overall verdict 5/5
  • What it's like to drive 4/5
  • Running costs 5/5
  • Quality 5/5
  • Average MPG 58 mpg

Earlier this year I brought a Skoda Rapid Elegance with the 1.6 TDI 105PS engine. I bought it after doing my homework diligently, and knowing someone who owned the same car, and couldn't speak highly enough of it. I have owned Mercedes, BMWs, Fords and a range of Japanese and Korean cars in the past, and this Skoda is - compared to them - a wonderfully constructed and satisfying car. It is not the first Skoda I have owned, and I wonder what moment of madness in the past made me sell it for a Mercedes. Badges are truly not everything. The Skoda really is as well screwed together as an Audi or VW, and certainly better than the two Mercedes I have owned, and as good as the BMW and Mitsubishi. It is pretty fast and comfortable on the road, and the fuel consumption is truly fantastic. In all honesty I am just a guy in the street, and certainly not a car salesmam, but I do get a bit fed up of the stuff you read about certain cars sometimes. Take it from me, as an owner, the Skoda Rapid is a great car to buy, and well worth the money - indeed worth much more than they ask you to pay! It is no accident that the VW car range contains not only Audi but also Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini - as a group they know how to build cars very well, and remember - thinking about all the stuff one sometimes read about VW "holding Skoda back" because of "envy" - VW, as Skoda's parent company, make all the profits whoever makes the cars they sell, so I doubt if they are bothered o

Stephen Green, June 26th 2014

TSI S 5dr

  • Overall verdict 5/5
  • What it's like to drive 5/5
  • Running costs 5/5
  • Quality 5/5
  • Average MPG 55 mpg

I've owned this car for 4 months now, bought a pre-reg 13 plate. This car has to be the best car I have owned based on the price paid. I bought mine with a 30% discount & there's nothing on the market that comes close in this price range. SPACE: It's really roomy. The boot is huge & there's plenty of space in the back. You can fit 4 6-footers in the car with no issues. We have two child car seats & there's still room for a third to sit between them. There's cup holders, seat pockets, glovebox is OK. DRIVE: The 1.2 TSI engine is very responsive so when you need that extra urgency you get it. Free road tax in the 1st year, Β£30 after that. We drive ours short distances & a full tank gets 450-500 miles. The steering is light & parking is easy as it looks bigger than it actually is. Visibility is good. EQUIPMENT: THe S spec has all the basics you need. I weighed up what was missing between an S & SE, given the price difference it didn't make much sense to go SE. Air con would have been nice but I live in England, so it would only get used for 1 week a year. Note that there are some deals to be had at the moment, Skoda released the Rapid in Nov 2012 then updated the spec in March 2013 on the new plate. They didn't sell well since the older Octavia was still around at roughly the same price. S remains unchanged, but the older SE's don't have front fog lights, cruise control & rear electric windows. If you don't need any of the above you can get a bargain.


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