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  • Heated front screen
  • Sat-nav on SE trim
  • Boot-mounted release levers for rear seats
  • Variable boot floor
  • Space saver spare wheel

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2.0 TDI CR 190
The more powerful diesel has a bit more punch but the margin over the less powerful version isn’t worth the slightly worse engine refinement and higher running costs.
2.0 TSI 280 4X4 DSG
This is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. It looks completely standard from the outside, but offers the pace to rival a BMW 330i Touring. It’s very smooth and comes with four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox, but running costs are quite high.
Offers plenty of power but it isn’t a cheap engine to run because of its relatively high CO2 emissions and higher than average fuel consumption.
2.0 TDI CR
This is our favourite engine in the Superb. It’s particularly suitable for business users thanks to the low CO2 emissions. It can sound a bit gruff when you rev it hard but the combination of strong performance and low running costs compensate.
1.4 TSI 150
The best all-round petrol engine in the range; it pulls well from low revs and remains refined even under load. Steady driving will produce decent fuel economy, while relatively low emissions make it affordable as a company car.
1.6 TDI CR
This is the entry-level diesel engine in the range. It’s adequate but can struggle to pull such a big car when it’s fully laden. Worth considering for those business users who want a big car but don’t expect to carry a full payload very often.

Miles per gallon

Official fuel economy figure

39.2-72.4 mpg

CO2 Emissions

Official emissions rating

102-164 g/km

VED Tax band

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Boot capacity

How much space is there?

1950 litres

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