Used Skoda Superb Estate 2008 - 2015 review


(2008 - 2015)
Skoda Superb Estate (08 - 15)
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The Skoda Superb Estate provides huge space, but not at a huge price on the used car market. The cabin is classy, and the driving experience is relaxed. Shame it's not a little cleverer.

  • A used Skoda Superb Estate has an enormous amount of space for both people and luggage, and all at a great-value price on the used market
  • It's comfortable and relaxed to drive, and the cabin quality is top-notch
  • The Superb Estate isn't the prettiest car in the world, and it's a shame that the back seats aren't more intelligent in the way they fold down
  • Some of the diesel engines are too noisy